José Juan Segovia

thermodynamics – fluids – density – calorific capacity – viscosity

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8715-1220
WoS ID: L-8290-2017
SCOPUS ID: 3561515030

My research career

Professor of Thermodynamics (2011). PhD in Engineering (1997)– University of Valladolid. He started in Spanish National Research Centre on Energy, Environment and Technology, where he focused on projects related to the revalorization of biomass. Since 1994, he belongs to the University of Valladolid.

Fields of expertise

  • Measurement of the thermophysical and phase equilibria properties of fluid mixtures
  • Phase behaviour, density, heat capacity and viscosity of fluids at high temperatures and pressures
  • The speed of sound and derived thermodynamic properties of gases

My research

He has carried out more than 30 projects and has published more than 100 papers with a high impact factor in those fields.

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Laboratorio de Metrología y Calibración de Presión y Temperatura
Calle Paseo del Cauce
47011 Valladolid (España)